Civil Litigation

Civil litigation experience spans from antitrust to environmental, from major commercial real estate developments to wrongful death, from civil rights to consumer claims, and from mineral royalties to mass torts. Across a broad range of subject matter, the Cohen Law Firm takes on a select number of cases and litigates them rigorously.

False Claims

(Also known as qui tam or whistleblower cases.) In 2010, pursuant to a mandate from the New Mexico Legislature, Mr. Cohen was the first person to be appointed by the New Mexico Attorney General to a full-time post overseeing all cases brought under New Mexico Fraud Against Taxpayers Act (“FATA”), New Mexico’s state false claims law enacted in 2007.


Our written and oral advocacy in appellate matters has prevailed in landmark cases while earning high praise from the appellate bench.


Whether through private tort actions or citizen suits under federal environmental statutes, the Cohen Law Firm, LLC has a strong interest in combatting environmental degradation through litigation and, when warranted, will do so on a pro bono basis.
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